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Sabre Rapid Lemon Fragrant Cleaner - T54 Refill

Tangy Lemon fragrance. Free from acids or caustics. Rapid action cuts through grease and grime. Effective maintenance cleaner for all hard surfaces. Low foam reduces cleaning time. A handy hard surface cleaner to rapidly cut through grease and grime leaving a tangy lemon fragrance.
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Channel Cubes

PCDB free large channel blocks for channel/trough type urinals. Citrus fragrance.
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Urinal Cubes

Specially formulated active cleaning agents in a safer, less environmentally damaging water-soluble urinal block that maintains clean, odour-free urinal-traps and pipes. Each time the urinal is used, water softening and cleaning agents are delivered into the trap to clean and maintain the pipe-work to prevent odours and blockages.
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Biological Toss Blocks

These urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made. A typical urinal need only be flushed about three times each day when using Bio Blocks. Bio Blocks do not contain pDCB or other dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals and are particularly suitable for use in public buildings, schools, institutions, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants etc, especially when used in conjunction with Blu-Away (BA).
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Citra Clean Concentrate Powerful Degreaser\Cleaner

Powerful and natural alternative degreaser and cleaner. Biodegradable and low foam. Will clean grease, oils, fats, inks, rubber scuff, fuels, strip polish and wax from most surfaces. Dilution up to 1:200
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Diamond Acrylic Floor Polish

A high quality polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to a glossy finish with excellent slip resistance. Suitable for use on non-porous floors, including vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, sealed wood, marble and terrazzo.
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Remove Floor Polish Stripper

A traditional alkaline floor stripper to remove even aged on polish film. Effective on both metallised and non-metallised floor polishes. Ideal to strip emulsion polish from linoleum, thermoplastic floors, rubber, sealed wood and terrazzo.
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Renew TD Polymer Floor Maintainer

A fragrant, low viscosity, opaque, rose-coloured liquid. Apply with a mop and leave to dry or use with spray cleaning equipment. Renew TD keeps floors at the peak of their appearance and restores those that are losing their shine. Use on marble, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, tiles, stone, sealed wood and sealed cork.
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Diamond Contract Acrylic Floor Polish

18% Floor Polish which is Effective and Economical, offering good level of gloss and an excellent base for floor maintenance. Coverage of 250 square metres for 5 Litres depending on porosity.
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Diamond Wet Look Floor Polish

A high qualtiy acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to a deep gloss and burnishes to an outstanding "wet look" finish with excellent slip resistance.
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P.D.Q. Floor Cleaner/Maintainer

Bactericidal Floor Cleaner & Maintainer wax based chemical, which needs to be applied then burnished to achieve maximum protection and slip resistance. Can be used on modern floors, where Standard polish cannot be applied. Dilutes up to 1:15 with water.
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Impact High Impact Lemon Floor Gel

A concentrated low foam floor cleaning and hard surface cleaning gel, for regular use. It's a viscous liquid with citrus oils to leave a long lasting Zesty Lemon fragrance. It is suitable for use on all flooring and surfaces inc, linoleum, thermo plastic floors, sealed cork, concrete and ceramic tiles.
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