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Citru-Solve Citrus Based Cleaner/Degreaser

A powerful citrus based cleaner and degreaser that has been formulated for maximum cleaning power. Citru-Solve is fast acting to remove the most stubborn soiling, including diesel oil, food oil, grease, tobacco film, body fat, mineral oils, rubber, traffic film and engineering oil. Approved by HM Harbour Master for cleaning boats in Plymouth!
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Deodoriser Concentrate Disinfectant/Deodoriser

Kills odour producing bacteria and fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours. Use anywhere you need to get rid of unpleasant odours such as in washroom areas, waste chutes and bins, rubbish carts and carpets and entrance matting.
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Magnum Force Extra Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover

A powerful, concentrated, alkaline pressure washer additive, designed with controlled foam levels to ensure a free-rinsing finish and effective degreasing action. Suitable for removing heavy layers of traffic film, grease and dirt, and is ideally suited for removing built-up grease in the engine department. Use Magnum Force Extra in industry for cleaning all plant and equipment, lorries, tankers, and as an effective pre-MOT test cleaner on chassis and under body areas.
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