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Blog posts of '2016' 'August'

The New Bertee Softshell. Fleece coming soon!

Bertee Softshell. Comfortable Quality + Satisfied Staff. Professional Image : Ragland cut, giving a superior fit to the garment. Storm flap: Keeping the wind and the rain out. Interactive YKK Zip: Can also be used as an inner garment inside and interactive outer garment. Light and comfortable: 2 layer fabric, offering wind resistance and water repellancy. Lifetime Quality Gurarantee: Guarantee against faulty zips, seams and fastenings for the lifetime of the garment. Keeping Belongings Safe: Exterior zipped pockets and upper breast zipped pocket, inside phone pocket and two pen pockets. Guaranteed Put them to the test - Call us on 01752 266374 Bertee Fleece: Excellent Comfort: Lined pockets and soft cuff. Warm and light: 300gsm micro fleece fabric, with zipped pockets to keep your hands warm!

The MyWeb Brand

MyWeb Making your life easier Same Systems. Different Face. Still making your life easier. Bringing a fresh face to our online systems, incorporating Trade, Man Pack and Stockroom all under one brand: MyWeb. The three parts to our online systems, whichever is important to you, will be renamed: Trade		– >	MyWeb Catalogue Man Pack 		– >	My Uniform Stockroom 	– >	My Stockroom The MyWeb Website  The website you’re used to will still be the same, just some minor changes to the appearance. We’ll let you know nearer the time when these changes will take place.  Your login details will remain the same. New to the MyWeb concept? This system offers a holistic management capability for any procurement manager, business manager, or purchasing manager in charge of a large workforce. This online system takes the headache out of buying clothing for multiple people, giving a manager the control where needed, and the operative comfortable workwear which fits. Want to know more? Email

EN388 Changes

EN388 – What is changing?   The EN388 standard is used to regulate the protection classes of cut resistant gloves, and due to new materials being developed all the time, the achieve greater levels of cut resistance, the testing procedure must be developed in order to maintain credibility for the regulation of this important standard. Two new tests will be added to the existing standard.  A)    Abrasion Resistance B)	Blade Cut Resistance C)	Tear Resistance D)	Puncture Resistance E)	ISO 13997 Cut Test (New) F)	Back of hand impact protection (New) How does it affect me?  The New ISO 13997 cut test has 6 levels, (A-F): A, B, C are new, D is slightly different from the previous cut level 4, E is same as previous cut level 5 and F is new and the highest cut level resistance value. The back of hand impact protection test result is either pass or fail,  as opposed to the  different level results seen in the other test components of the EN388 standard. Detail on this test will be made clear when the final EN388 standard amendment is published. While the detail of the changes to the EN388 standard are finalized, the extra two tests will be introduced in addition to the existing tests. There may be instances where one of the cut tests(either the “Coup Test” or the New “ISO 13997 Test”) isn’t carried out due to various reasons: this will be denoted by an “X” in its place in the number sequence. E.g. 3-1-3-X-D-XF   Long term effects...  The governing bodies will be looking at introducing the changes to this standard later in 2016. The new ISO Cut Test will likely take over the “Coup Test”,  as it proves to be more accurate for tests involving higher levels of cut resistance.