Our Exclusive Brands

Over our 45 years providing safety wear & workwear, we have become experts in sourcing the best products for quality, durability, and comfort at affordable prices.

PWS have established a robust supply chain that offers a wide range of exclusive brands, enabling us to supply the products you need to do the job on time and on budget. We love these brands and are confident you will love them too, check out each brand in more detail below.

The Boing Footwear Range

The Boing® Footwear range is extremely robust and developed with specialist, highly durable materials. We are confident Boing Footwear will perform well in almost all terrains and environments. Boing footwear is:

Flexible – Secure fitting, yet comfortable with a flexible sole

Resistant – Outstanding abrasion and heat resistance with indestructible toecap

Stable – Highest slip resistance on uneven terrain

Supportive – Ankle support provides great protection without impacting on the flexibility of the boot

Durable – Developed & tested to withstand harsh conditions time after time

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Safety Footwear Products
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The H Gloves Range

The H Glove Range offers wearers high-quality safety gloves at a great price. H gloves are exceptionally dexterous, extremely comfortable, and highly durable.

H gloves are:

Protective – Multi-tasking hand protection with different levels of cut resistance

Agile – Extra strong without compromising dexterity

Durable – Robust and lightweight, with excellent resistance to tearing and high abrasion resistance

Reliable – Superior coating wicks moisture, oil, and liquid away, ensuring grip is maintained in wet and dry environments

The Redd Special Hazard Workwear Range

The Redd Special Hazard Workwear range offers breathable, comfortable fabrics and innovative designs that focus on wearer comfort and safety. Thoughtfully designed, durable and eminently practical.

Redd Special Hazard Workwear range is:

Protective – Incorporating flame retardant, anti-static, and arc protection into one multinorm garment

Comfortable – Superior comfort, lightweight and breathable with exceptional fit

Innovative – Engineered to be durable, offer the highest protection whilst being incredibly practical

Value for Money – Offering a great value alternative to other well-known brands

Special Hazard Workwear
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Contact Us to request a demonstration, meeting, or product sample from any of our exclusive ranges. We would love to hear from you.