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Overview of Main Changes to EN 374: 2016

10 October 2018

The standard relating to chemical resistant hand protection has been updated.  EN 374:2003 has been replaced by EN 374:2016.

Here is a summary of the key changes.

Testing Methods

  • Permeation testing will now be carried out in accordance with EN 16523-1, which replaces EN 374-3.
  • Gloves will be classed as: Type A, Type B or Type C depending on their performance level and number of chemicals they can protect against.
  • The obligation to test chemical protective gloves for mechanical properties in accordance with EN 388 has been removed.

Number of Chemicals

The number of chemicals which can be used for testing resistance has increased from 12 to 18.


Degradation testing is mandatory for all chemical protective gloves. The results must be shown in the user instructions.


The gloves’ marking will change to enable users to choose the PPE which is most suitable to their situation. Examples are shown below


Gloves that clam protection from viruses require additional testing and marking.

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