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Protect Your Staff from Harmful UV Rays

It’s staggering to note that 5 people per day get skin cancer from sun exposure at work – that’s higher than Australia. However, 90% of skin cancer deaths can be prevented.  

UV is a hazard when working outdoors – a genuine Health & Safety issue. With the hot and sunny summer forecast to continue, what can you do to protect your staff from the dangers of UV?

Wear sun protection clothingShorts (worn with sun cream) may be an option but if not, take a look at our lightweight Bertee Craftsman Lite Trousers. Both will help to keep you cool whilst maintaining your corporate image.

Slap on a minimum SPF 30 sun cream. Protect your staff from harmful UV rays – either from the sun or created artificially by industrial processes.

Wear a hat – such an obvious way to protect yourself.

Cover your neck – wear a collar or scarf.

Don some sunglasses. Not only can they cut out glare, but harmful UV as well. Lightly tinted, smoke grey or blue shades with mirror coatings are ideally suited to working outside in bright sunlight.

Work in the shade where ever possible.

If working outdoors in the sun is addressed as an Health & Safety issue rather than a cosmetic concern, the team will take it more seriously.

You can find out more about the dangers of UV from this video

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