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Case Study

Inclusive PPE

Supporting inclusivity through innovation with Cadent Gas.

The Company

Cadent Gas operate and maintain the largest gas distribution network in the UK, bringing gas to 11 million homes and businesses across the UK. They’re the first point of call for gas emergencies, managing the National Gas Emergency Service.

Striving to make a positive social impact, Cadent aim to create an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce within their business, supply chain and communities. Their employees’ roles include maintaining, repairing and replacing gas pipes, and working out in the field to ensure a safe and reliable gas flow. Each role requires appropriate workwear or Personal Protective Equipment to allow them to carry out their duties safely and comfortably.

"I knew that standard hijabs would not meet our safety regulations . . . as the fabric could hang down causing a fire risk and wasn’t comfortable to wear with a hard hat."
Maryam Master – Commercial Project Trainee

The Challenge

Historically, there has been no appropriate hijab PPE for working with flammable gasses. Maryam, Cadent’s Commercial Project Trainee, expressed the need for the development of a fire-retardant hijab during a project on hard hat safety. She acknowledged that the standard hijabs designed for operational workers would be a fire risk due to fabric potentially hanging down, which is not compliant with Cadent’s fire safety regulations.

It’s vital that everyone has the appropriate workwear to be able to work safely. Therefore, a safety compliant, fire-retardant hijab that is comfortable to wear, particularly with a hard hat, is essential. The hijab needed to be suitable for all hair types and styles, being inclusive and accessible to all.

The Implementation

Cadent began by looking at alternative options to the standard hijab, drawing inspiration from the Nike sports hijab. They approached PWS for support with finalising their design, as well as sourcing the most appropriate fabric. Knowing that there is a lack of inclusivity with workwear options, we were pleased to work with Maryam to help supply suitable PPE for Muslim women to be able to carry out their role safely.

We knew it was important to consider the fabric’s properties, in terms of both fit and functionality, to ensure that the hijab would be as safe and comfortable as possible. Our exclusive partner brand, Redd, had previously been exploring the use of FR (fire-retardant) fabric in workwear, so this was an area they had extensive knowledge in. The hijab was manufactured by Redd in the UK, using the thinnest, lightest, most comfortable FR fabric. This fabric was specially sourced, and is inherently FR, meaning that washing the garment will not impact its fire-retardant properties. Once the final prototypes had the appropriate signoffs, the manufacturing process could begin.

“The prototype we came up with met our needs much better, and after a few tweaks to the material length, to cover all hair types and styles, we got to our final prototype.”
Maryam Master – Commercial Project Trainee
Redd FR Hijab in use
"I am so delighted with the finished product! I feel it will help attract and inspire more Muslim women into the industry, as they can work out in the field safely whilst being themselves."
Maryam Master – Commercial Project Trainee

The Results

Working together with Maryam and Redd, we were able to supply a fully compliant, fire-retardant hijab. The hijab is currently supplied for Cadent by PWS in black, but this garment can be customised based on demand. We are also working closely with Cadent and Redd on the development of a FR turban, with more updates to come on this.

This is the first safety-compliant, fire-retardant workwear hijab available in the UK and is a step towards improved workwear inclusivity to ensure all staff feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

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