PPE Audit & Health Check

What is a PPE Audit & Health Check?

A PPE audit & health check is designed to collect and analyse information about your PPE standards, practices, and procedures. PPE audits are typically done through direct observation as well as through the review of PPE policies and procurement data.

The experts in safety for over 45 years, PWS have worked with organisations to develop and implement standardisation and rationalisation of PPE, safety and workwear products to significantly reduce costs, whilst maintaining the safety of end users.

Why do I need a PPE Audit & Health Check?

Save Time

• Efficiency of all products from a single supplier.

• Streamlined procurement through MyWeb ordering system.

Save Money

• Rationalisation & standardisation of product range.

• Knowledge & expertise of the best value-for-money products.

Save Lives

• Find gaps in legal compliance and best practice.

• Ensure correct use of safety equipment by staff.

PPE auditing is a vitally important process all organisations should undertake regularly to prevent accidents and identify hazards that can be caused by the allocation of inappropriate safety wear. Reviewing your standards and procedures around PPE procurement and allocation will help to identify any gaps or barriers to legal compliance and can also help with evaluating training and education programs to ensure correct use of safety equipment amongst end users.

PWS can work with you to develop core products that suit all of the requirements of your staff across the organisation, with detailed analysis of product specification and intended function. We utilise our experience of working with similar businesses within the industry to deliver cost savings without compromising on safety.

With a dedicated account manager, we can assist you to establish and maintain a PPE auditing program to support health & safety best practice, rationalise your range of products, save you money and streamline your ordering process.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you to keep your staff safe, whilst saving time and money.

Disclaimer: Please note that the findings of our audit can be utilised, as appropriate, by your company’s Health & Safety officer but are not intended to replace your company’s own safety findings and is subservient to any Risk Assessments and Methodology Statements.

Did you know?

PWS also offer FREE, no obligation Sustainability Audits too. PWS are working with some of the largest housing associations to help them achieve their carbon reduction targets, so why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you to deliver on your organisation’s sustainability objectives.

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