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MyWeb FAQs

Click here to reset online and access straight away.

Alternatively, contact our Team on 01752 266374 or email us to request a manual reset – this will take up to 2 hours to update before you can login again.

  • On mobile/tablet devices – Once on the MyWeb site and logged in, scroll down and the checkout button will appear at the bottom of the basket page.
  • On larger devices (laptop/desktop) – Once on the MyWeb site and logged in, scroll down and the checkout button will appear by scrolling to the right on the basket page.


Still can’t find it? Check your allowance, if you have gone over your set allocation this will hide the checkout button. The checkout button will reappear when you revise your basket quantities to within your allowance.

To access MyWeb, you can either navigate directly to the MyWeb site or you can use the login button on the top left hand side of the header on this site. Once on the MyWeb login screen, enter the log in credentials provided to you to access MyWeb.

What3Words is a new feature that provides optional additional information, particularly for tricky delivery addresses. This information is designed to work alongside your standard delivery address and can help our team to identify the best delivery point. What3Words does not currently link through to our delivery partners but we’re working on getting a fully integrated system as soon as possible.

This is a GDPR compliant feature to ensure personal addresses (that may be used for delivering to individuals) are only available for the current user to view and are hidden from the rest of the users on your organisation’s account portal.

Products such as 750ml trigger spray chemical products are very tricky to transport due to the fragile nature of these products and other similar related chemical items. In order to improve this there is now a minimum order of a case size on these products. By increasing this to a case size this ensures that the delivery will be much more likely to remain intact whilst enroute to the delivery point, minimising any delays.

You will get an automated notification via email if you have items remaining in your basket for 24 hours. Any items not ‘checked out’ within 30 days will be removed from the system and your basket will empty.

There are 4 stages to our new order notification system. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email update (and optional text message update if mobile number is provided) at each step of the journey that your order takes, from being placed through to delivery:

    1. Order Received – Confirming your order has been placed.
    2. Order Processed – Confirms the estimated delivery date of your order.
    3. Order Packed – Informs you that your order is being packed.
    4. Order Dispatched – Informs you that your order is now dispatched, this message will include tracking information for the order plus an electronic copy of the delivery note so you can see exactly what is arriving.

This is a new feature which is shown on the inventory column as either Stock or Non-Stock. The system will split these into 2 to ensure you get all the Stock items sooner and they are not held up by the Non-Stock items, which take longer to be delivered to you. You will be able to see which items in your order are Non-Stock and Stock on the basket screen.

Yes. The new export function on the basket screen means you can export the basket screen with codes, prices and product info into a number of different formats such as Excel, CSV and PDF, simplifying purchase order raising within your organisation.

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