Procurement Framework

When you select PWS as your preferred supplier as part of a Procurement Framework, you can be confident that you will see the same great level of service that our non-framework customer receives, without the requirement to go through a costly and time-consuming procurement process

As well as the reassurance of pre-vetting on everything from health and safety compliance to sustainable supply chains, you will see savings that can only be achieved through the bulk buying power of the framework.

Procurement Framework Benefits

Easy to use

Detailed and easy to use guides, support, and templates with pre-agreed terms and conditions.


Significant reduction in procurement timescale


Thoroughly vetted agreements ensure a quality service with ongoing performance management.


Compliant procurement frameworks remove need to undertake costly and complicated full procurement processes.

Great value

Reduced procurement costs & discount prices due to bulk buying power.

Eco friendly

Sustainable supply chain management you can trust.

Achilles UVDB - Utility Industry - Pre-Qualification System

PWS are registered and accredited on the Achilies Utility Vendor Database. This accreditation ensures all of our utilities clients are working with an approved and verified partner to the utilities sector.

PfH No1 Ranked Supplier
UKAS ISO 14001