Employee Tracking and Accountability

PWS’s MyWeb Online Portal offers exceptional end-to-end traceability and tracking of every single piece of safety wear, workwear or PPE that our customer’s issue to their staff.

Using this intuitive system means procurement is not only much more cost effective and efficient, but also saves procurement staff time, by putting ordering into the hands of the wearer, all whilst maintaining full oversight and control of spend and allocation.

How MyWeb Helps with Tracking & Accountability

MyWeb has a live reporting suite which allows all budget holders to access live data, showing up-to-date spend. Authorised staff (the wearer) place an order from an approved selection, within approved spend limits and every order is trackable in real-time, with updates on when an order is placed by the wearer, when it is dispatched by PWS as well as full delivery tracking through our delivery partner DPD

MyWeb enables monitoring of all orders placed by wearers and departments, this allows you to:

  • See regularly re-ordered items, allowing better maintenance of stock levels and avoiding delays in the right equipment being available.
  • Monitor the reordering of PPE & safety wear, ensuring that products are being replaced when they have reached the end of their safe life, helping you to stay compliant.
  • Identify over-ordering, which can indicate that training, such as how to care for PPE, is required to extend the products longevity, or whether alternative products would be better suited to the task.
  • Track use and compile usage reports for departments or individual staff.

The MyWeb Online Portal allows wearers to access a preapproved selection of products within an agreed budget or points-based system. This selection and allowance can be set according to their department, role, or individual name, giving them ownership over their workwear use. With ordered items logged against specific workers, MyWeb adds a layer of accountability for wearers that helps to deter over ordering, carelessness, and misuse of items. and allows the staff to order their own garments, with delivery directly to their preferred location.

MyWeb gives you complete purchasing control and full visibility of all your transactions, helping you with management and forecasting of your procurement spend. As well as saving you time and money with its cutting-edge, adaptive and responsive platform, MyWeb’s reporting enables you to:

  • Access 24/7 real-time reporting, enabling you to review budget spend at any time.
  • Detailed ordering data able to be filtered by a wide array of categories, allowing you to see what is being spent, by whom, on what and how often.
  • Limit the range of products that can be ordered by employee or team.
  • Easily toggle approved items on or off allowing for dynamic management of your procurement.
  • Set allowances by points or value, with trackable remaining balance for both budget holder and wearer.
  • Spot anomalies or unexpected changes in purchasing activity.
  • Adapt immediately to changes in the working environment, creating the need to change to alternative items or add additional ones.
  • Add or change approval requirements for individual items, departments, seniorities or individual staff members.

MyWeb Innovation

As a specialist provider of safety, workwear and PPE, PWS are constantly innovating and developing additional features and benefits for MyWeb and are responsive to feedback from our customers. This easy-to-use system is accessible anywhere, whether you order cleaning supplies on your PC at work or PPE on your iPhone when out on site, MyWeb is optimised for all devices.

MyWeb is designed to work hand-in-hand with your dedicated account manager, who can help you with procurement forecasting, product selection and the ongoing management of your account to make sure you have the right product at the right price that is fully compliant with the latest regulations, available when you need it.

To Find out more about MyWeb, visit our Online Ordering page and Punchout Integration page or get in touch with us via our contact us page or by calling us on 01752 266374.